Costs of War:
What will
The Agent Orange Equity Act

Updated Feb 21, 2011

This Section provides what we believe to be the cost of the Agent Orange Equity Act, inclusive of Nehmer and DIC considerations. The attached explanation sheet gives our reasoning for each element considered in the cost.

In the process of developing this spreadsheet, a long line of variables (down the left side column) were adjusted and tweaked to get the final numbers. What you see here are the most probable settings for each of these possibilities, which end up producing the final cost numbers for the Agent Orange Equity Act legislation. If you spot something you think is out of line, drop us a note..... one thing we do is make the occasional mistake. But we also provide you the opportunity to add your own tweaks.

The Explanation Sheet (Footnotes for each numbered item) walks down the variables and explains what each one is and why each is set to the value it is. For those who want to download the spreadsheet to alter the variables, we offer such a downloadable MSExcel Spreadsheet.

Here is our best estimate of what the Agent Orange Act of 2010 will cost over a 10 year period. The line item explanation sheet is included to show our justification for the variable settings we have chosen.

Here is the Interactive Spreadsheet that you can download for yourself. You might want to note what variable settings you started with so you can repeat your comparative adjustment exercises ad infinitum.

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