Agent Orange in the News

There has recently been some interesting activity regarding activities of the VA and information regarding Agent Orange. What I have below is probably not the entire bundle of it, but it at least makes for some good reading.

Much strong commentary has developed from the minutes of the Department Of Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Disability Compensation meeting which took place on March 6-7, 2017 (See Pages 6 - 8). During that meeting, there were comments made that have resulted in several notable reactions. One of the first to respond was Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, arguably the world’s foremost expert on the environmental damage done by Agent Orange and TCDD-dioxin and the individual who did the fieldwork in Vietnam that identified areas within that country that were more than 300% higher than the acceptable world standard for dioxin (TCDD) contamination more than 40 years after the United States Air Force ceased its Agent Orange spray missions over Vietnam.

Pro Public, an excellent unbiased and nonprofit news agency, also weighed in as a response to the release of those minutes. Pro Public has previously done extensive work related to the dangers of Agent Orange, the problems of US veterans being denied benefits for service-connected disabilities related to Agent Orange, and in depth studies showing the many fallacies and falsehoods that surround reports written or presented by Alvin Young.

Additionally, VA has recently released new guidelines regarding Agent Orange disabilities and new limitations on how they will provide less benefits to certain veterans who file claims for Agent Orange-related disabilities.

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