Welcome to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association (BWNVVA) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation comprised of veterans and active duty members of the United States Armed Forces. The "Blue Water Navy" refers to US Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps who served in the Vietnam War but who never "set foot" on Vietnamese soil. Their activities included both direct combat and combat-support operations such as naval gunfire support, interdiction, aircraft carrier operations, fleet guard and many other such roles.

BWNVVA advocates for veterans' rights and monitors veterans' interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs. A popular current focus is given to the question of eligibility of Blue Water Navy service members for "presumptive exposure" to Agent Orange and other toxins which is given to all other service members who had "boots on the ground" in Vietnam and who are sick and disabled by any of the maladies listed as presumptive by the VA. We continuously monitor the legal arena regarding the status of this grave error on the part of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Membership is open to any veteran of the United States Armed Forces of any era, or anyone active duty. Associate Membership is open to anyone else who is interested in the issues of Blue Water Navy. Welcome Aboard, you qualify for Membership.

Additionally, this site is available for members of the general public for educational purposes for historical study and other reasons. BWNVVA currently provides these services to its membership:

BWNVVA currently provides the following services to its membership: