Blue Water Navy Association Benefits

You are being offered two of the finest benefits available on today's market. You have access to:

You are being offered these services so you can experience for yourselves the tremendous benefits they provide. Then you will be confident that recommending others to use those services is a great idea.

The Team Veteran goal is to provide these services as employee benefits for large corporations and businesses with 50 or more employees. As we help large numbers of people to buy these services, we will be well on our way to creating a sustainable funding source that will help carefully-vetted Veteran charities to operate without the need to spend a large percentage of their time looking for grants and donation dollars.

That is why we are asking you to introduce us to decision makers in these companies. We can provide their employees with these two outstanding benefits and through that we can generate a cash stream that will help veterans get away from the poor service of the VA and assist charities whose funding depends on the whims of donations and lack of support from federally controlled programs.

This specific approach has never been tried before. But it is now time to do something new and different because continuing down the same path of depending on donations and contributions just is not working; and it is not going to change! If we are going to bring about meaningful change it will have to be something we must do for ourselves. The Congress and the limited supply of donation dollars will never solve our problems. It has not worked in the past, and it is not going to change in the future. It is now time that we develop solutions to these problems ourselves.

Try these products. Then please help us connect with the decision makers in the business world. We can and will make this happen and 2015 is the year that it gets accomplished.

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