Why A Concurrent Resolution?

Since we were being pushed to the end of this Congressional Session with the prospect of no action on either S-681 or HR-969, Commander Wells led the effort and we spent the August recess working with various Staff from several House and Senate Offices to get into place this Concurrent Resolution which puts to rest the question of the Intent of Congress as to whether the AO Act of 1991 was meant to cover Bays, Ports, Harbors and Territorial Seas (no expansion to the entire Theater of Combat was allowed).

Our thinking is, if we can get this non-binding Resolution in place before the break for the elections, we accomplish a number of things:

There might be a couple more benefits that I am overlooking. But the bottom line is, it is just another way for Blue Water Navy to keep in their face about HR-969 and S-681. Please use the Fleet Reserve Association Legislative Action Center http://action.fra.org/action-center to contact your legislators about this.

Here is the announcement about the Concurrent Resolution.

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