We have lost some people! Their email addresses no longer work, so everything bounces when we try to send them our Newsletters and other announcements. Help us find them! Download this file and check.

We don’t know if they are alive or dead - literally. We don’t know if they just fat-fingered their address when they signed up. We don’t know if we did something to the data when we transfered it into the database. We just know that their email addresses on file no longer work. And we really want to know so we can fix things.

Please take a look. If you find yourself on the list, please email us and so we can get your email address. If you recognize somebody else on the list, please let us know…. Or let them know so we can get the right contact information for them.

If you find out the person has died, please let us know that, along with the date and cause if available, and we will add them to the In Memorium Section. And please don’t be upset that we’re asking about them. This is just a list of email addresses that don’t currently work. So let us know.

Take a look at this Excel File and let us know who we can take off the list by updating it for us. Send your emails to Navy(at)BlueWaterNavy.org. Help us find our lost Brothers and Sisters.

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