It is time! On or about May 18, 2016, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association is calling on all interested parties to “March In Support of the Blue Water Navy” to return the benefits withheld for disabilities presumptive to Agent Orange Presumptive Exposure.

In Washington, DC, there will be a Rally. We would like every able bodied man, woman and child to attend that rally.

For anyone who cannot be in Washington, DC, we would ask them to Peacefully March at their local VA Facility. The Regional Offices are primary targets. A VA Hospital or even CBOC is fair game, but remember, we are requesting action by the VA Compensation Division and NOT the VA Health Care Administration. However, if a VA Health Facility is the local ‘face’ of the VA, and is within your ability to be at that location, it is an appropriate place to March. A 'March' is one or more individuals carrying a sign that brings attention to the unfair treatment of Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans by the VA. Their actions in excluding them from VA Benefits are unreasonable and illogical: they claim that the extent of exposure to Agent Orange can be controlled by a line they have drawn on a map along the Vietnamese Coastline. This decision has no basis in Science or Medicine. We therefore SUPPORT the return of benefits to the Blue Water Navy for the exact disabilities that are given to veterans with boots-on-ground.

We want every effort to be given to getting any kind of local media coverage: TV, Radio and a newspaper/Internet outlet facility is considered local media. Even if only one person can make an appearance, a March In Support is taking place.

More details will follow.

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