How To Help Us During August Recess

Congress is in recess. Senators and Congressmen/Congresswomen are in their home states. Many have town hall meetings, Congress on your Corner meetings and will meet with constituents while they are in the state district offices. Now is the time to ask your Senator to cosponsor S.681 attached, a bill that would restore Agent Orange benefits to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans stripped from them in 2002. We are doing great on the house side, with 264 cosponsors and are trying for a goal of 289. If your Congressman has signed on, thank them, if not please ask them to cosponsor. Below is the list of senators who are ALREADY SIGNED ON and the date that happened. Help us get all the others! Please go to where your legislators are in your hometowns and let your voices be heard. Please share with me any responses you receive.

Susie Belanger

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