The New Zealand and Australian Veteran Services, both government and private, are leaps and bound ahead of their US counterparts. This section is very important for ALL Navy veterans because we believe it will set the precedent and help define the basis of any US DVA changes made to the status of Blue Water Navy veteran acknowledgment and compensation. These reports investigate a wide range of potential contaminants and shipboard processes that have already been accepted as causing ill effects to members of the Royal Australian Navy and sailors of the New Zealand Navy.

12 Sept 08 - Agent Orange Odyssey - a year 2000 Australian Paper

12 Sept 08 - Australian paper used in establishing connection of PN with TCDD exposure

6 June 08 - Fathers Can Harm Unborn

18 May 08 - Area in Australia sprayed with herbicided shows 10 times national rate of cancer

7 May 08 - New Zealand Government offers settlement to Agent Orange victims from Vietnam War

26 Feb 08 - New Zealand Government commits to a Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Study

20 Dec 07 - New Zealand Vietnam vets sign up for compensation

3 Dec 07 - "Let Us Spray" Documentary wins award (See Dec 15, 2006 entry below)

21 Sept 07 - Discussion on the New Zealand Research on exposure of its Vietnam veterans to herbicides in Vietnam

7 Aug 07 - Site for the first three reports of the Australian Vietnam Veterans Mortality and Cancer Incidence Studies

27 July 07 - New Zealand TV3 report on dioxin contamination brings about an admisson of extreme contamination pre-1970 (See the 15 Dec 06 entry below).

20 July 07 - Is Australia sinking back into the 1960s mentality with the Allen & Clarke Health Management and current Government directives?

15 May 07 - New Zealand Draft of Working Group Report to Cabinet, May, 2006

13 May 07 - Australian legal giants Slater & Gordon have signed on to bring a $5 billion Agent Orange lawsuit against the New Zealand government on behalf of a group of angry Vietnam veterans.

10 May 07 - Information of specific chromosome damage from New Zealand Study

6 May 07 - Information on the recent Memorandum of Understanding for settlement with Vietnam veterans - and the New Zealand working groups with veterans

23 April 07 - A link from C. Kelley regarding the New Zealand Gov't admitting they shipped Agent Orange to US Base during the Vietnam War.

15 Dec 06 - This is a 7-part news series from New Zealand with excellent coverage on Agent Orange usage.

7 Dec 06 - New Zealand Vietnam Veterans finally get Government recognition. Story from

April 2006 Australian Study Report #3 - Australian National Service Vietnam Veterans: Mortality and Cancer Incidence - The entire report, the third of four volumes, can be viewed and downloaded on-line at
This is an extremely large set of documents, but likewise an extremely detailed report. It addresses DISTILLATION: SHIP BY SHIP ANALYSIS and other detailed medical and military subjects. Because of its size, we direct you to the source site for direct download.

A 5 SEPT 06 news release from the Australian Minister for Veterans' Affairs report3.htm provides a quick synopses of some of the basic findings. The original site of the news release is

July 28, 2006 New Zealand Report on Genetic Damage to Vietnam veterans after exposure to "dangerous substances" during the 1960s and 1970s.

Final Report to Australian Veterans Affairs - Examination of exposure of Royal Australian Navy to contamination through drinking water.
A Groundbreaking Study of drinking water toxin exposure December, 2002

Health effects of Vietnam service, ADF Health, Vol 4, Sept 2003 - PDF File
Health effects of Vietnam service

Report on Increased Rate of Illnesses for Australian and New Zealand Navy - 1990

Australian Government health studies - Summary page, Sept 2005, with active web links - PDF File
Health Studies

Australian Government health studies - DVA Publications List - 16 pages - PDF File
DVA Publications List

Australian Vietnam Navy Veterans drank deadly cocktail

Co-distillation of Agent Orange in Evaporative Water Distillation

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