Basic Background Information on
Agent Orange and Dioxin Exposure

In November of 1957 a “Declaration of Common Purpose” was prepared to form an alliance between the USA, the UK and Canada for Defence Research. The name of this outfit was the Tripartite Technical Cooperation Program, or TTCP (changed in 1965 when Australia and New Zealand joined to The Technical Cooperation Program.) One of the areas of collaboration was sub-committee E, the unit assigned biological, radiological and chemical warfare. These are the people who brought Agent Orange to your house.

Kelly Porter Franklin, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Agent Orange Association of Canada

A page of research links

EPA Website - Defining 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (2,3,7,8,-TCDD)

History of Agent Orange by David A. Butler, Ph.D.

Agent Orange -- Claims and Causation

Agent Orange and Cancer - from the American Cancer Society

The Department of Veterans Affairs Agent Orange web site - extensive information is available using the left column topics choices.

The Dioxin Home Page

Toxics, Environmental Health and Pollution

Health Effects of Dioxin Exposure: A 20-Year Mortality Study

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) - The Seveso Studies on Early and Long-Term Effects of Dioxin Exposure

VA - Agent Orange - Herbacide Exposure

The American People's Dioxin Report

European Commission - How does dioxin affect human health?

Health Effects of Dioxin



42 Common Toxic Chemicals and Their Effects

Abstracts from 7th International Neurotoxicology Association meeting - 1999


Fund for Reconciliation and Development - Agent Orange

15th Field Artillery Regiment Agent Orange Page

The Tittabawassee River Watch - a good site for basic information and understanding of the what dioxins are and how they interact with the environment, and information about a current movement to hold Dow Chemical accountable for local contamination.

16 June 07 - The Hatfield Group Vietnam Environmental Studies

16 June 07 - Link to Gary D. Moore's Agent Orange Talking Paper #1

Toll-Free Agent Orange Helpline

16 June 07 - Searchable Agent Orange Archive from Texas Tech University

21 June 07 - A History of Agent Orange by Paul Sutton - Conference Presentation, March 3-6, 2002

24 June 07 - The New Yorker Magazine, February 7, 1970 - Thomas Whiteside, "Defoliation"

24 June 07 - The extent and patterns of usage of Agent Orange and other herbicides in Vietnam - Stellman, et. al., 2003

23 July 07 - What Are The Symptoms of Dioxin Poisoning?

11 Dec 07 - Dioxin movement through the environment - Dioxin Exposure Initiative - from the
National Center for Environmental Assessment

Misc. Info. - Historical documentation of the 1979-1980 Dow Chemical / EPA court hearings

Download in PDF format
EPA and DOW Prehearing Brief Table of Contents - Jan 1980

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EPA and DOW Prehearing Brief Table of Contents - Jan 1980

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EPA and DOW Prehearing Brief Table of Contents - Jan 1980

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