The Agent Orange Care Giver Recognition Pin

Since the 1980's, when the disabling health conditions caused by dioxin, found in Agent Orange, have been recognized as a signature wound of the Vietnam War, and as more and more veterans have become disabled by their lethal effects, there has never been an official recognition of the sacrifices made by professionals, friends, and families who provided care for these afflicted warriors from all branches of the U.S. Military. Additionally, this mark of recognition applies to situations beyond the US Military.

The Agent Orange Care Giver Recognition Pin is a universal tribute to all individuals involved with the care of past and present victims of Agent Orange-dioxin poisoning. This handsome, die-struck, medal-backed lapel pin was designed to honor all Care Givers serving all Agent Orange victims worldwide.

It is dedicated to the recognition of those who have acted as beacons of love, devotion, patience and who have been endless sources of physical, psychological and spiritual support during the extremely trying times of dioxin-induced diseases.

As their veteran lived through the agony and debilitation brought on by dioxin poisoning, the Care Givers also lived through those tumultuous times, suffering right alongside their loved one in a multitude of ways.

Agent Orange Care Givers have unselfishly taken on the burden that is more often than not a long and arduous journey. We want all Care Givers everywhere to know that they are not and never will be alone with their pain and struggles. Nor are they or ever will they be forgotten. This heartfelt keepsake is an identification and recognition that can be proudly worn to acknowledge their efforts. This pin says "Thank you. You have been a blessing. And you are not alone."

The pin measures 1-inch in diameter. Each pin is sold for $6.00, which includes postage to any location within the continental U.S. It is available at the site of the Blue Water Navy Ship's Store.

This Agent Orange Care Giver Recognition Pin is dedicated to and can be worn by all branches of the US Armed Forces. It bears the name "Blue Water Navy" on its outer band because it is sponsored by the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association and reflects the image of the Blue Water Navy Association Lapel Pin. Additionally, the Blue Water Navy (along with a contingent of other service personnel stationed in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand) represents the last group of U.S. Vietnam veterans to be acknowledged as victims of dioxin poisoning. Even though this entire group of veterans was intended by Congress to be included in the 1991 Agent Orange Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs found ways, both legal and illegal, to remove them from service-connected health care and compensation benefits.

Those who suffer the horrors, and those who support them, do not need a formal recognition of any agency or government to validate what they know by personal experience - that the wounds of dioxin poisoning are very real and very deep. It is with sincere appreciation that the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association offers this token of recognition to these seldom recognized victims of Agent Orange contamination.

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