Please Note: These Carrier Reports were not prepared by the current Blue Water Navy Association. They were prepared by founding and executive members of the original Blue Water Navy Association who left the Association because they opposed the idea of 'leaving the carrier sailors behind.' This is an ongoing project by John Rossie and George Deichert that is updated periodically as NARA releases newly-scanned Deck Logs, or until we all die; whichever comes first.

The original intent of the Association was to include every veteran who served in the Theater of Combat (or Combat Zone). The legal advisor to the Association limited benefits to only those veterans who served in a narrow band of water called the Territorial Seas of Vietnam measured as "12 miles from Baseline."

The current Association is now calling this area "the offshore waters of Vietnam" when in fact it is far short of the full area of offshore waters that marked the entire Theater of Combat. (See this map to understand these delineations).

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