A Change of Command

As you may have heard, I have stepped down to a position of Deputy Director and Mike Little is now the Executive Director of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association. Mike brings an amazing background of skills and experience to the organization and I expect things to flourish and grow. There will be some changes, beginning with a new Website which he and his Team are developing. It will have most of the same content, but in a format and presentation that should be more easily navigated.

Mike is currently the Director of Legislative Affairs and Government Relations for the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) and brings to the table over seven years' experience in Congressional advocacy work. He is also a Certified Veteran Service Officer who currently serves in the Naval Reserves as a second class Petty Officer. He works in Washington, DC and will be able to spend time with and have access to people and resources that I have not had access to since I live in Colorado.

I have no doubt that Mike's leadership will bring improvements to this Association in many ways, and I will be around as his second in command to continue my efforts in assisting veterans of all branches of service and to continue pushing for the resolution of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam veteran's problems. This is an extremely positive move for the Association and I think you will all be pleased with the results of this change.

Hopefully, a few of you will step forward to assist with work that needs to get done in making the Blue Water Navy Association even better than it now is. We are in a strong position as a growing organization to make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of all veterans. Please continue showing your support with much needed donations to keep us solvent. I'm asking everyone to stick around and ride this new wave of opportunity as we achieve greater things in the very near future.

John Rossie, Deputy Director
3 Nov 2017

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