National Archives is Posting Deck Logs On The Web

The National Archives in College Park is undertaking a wonderful project. They are scanning the Deck Logs from ships of the Vietnam War and making them available at no charge on their Web site. They have many already scanned, starting with the aircraft carriers, but the project is ongoing and the Monthly Deck Log sheets are being added pretty quickly. They have not (yet) scanned all the ships that served in Vietnam. So if you are unable to find your ship, it is one that will probably be showing up in the future. This conversion to digital is a long and tedious process, so have patience. And it is being done as a Public Service specifically for you Blue Water Navy personnel.

Here are the instructions for accessing the site and doing a search for your ship:

National Archives Contact information is available at

We appreciate the time and effort the personnel at the National Archives have put into this project for The Blue Water Navy.

On March 9, 2012, additional information of interest was provided by Michael Heffernan FCC USNR retired, from his contact with the National Archives on the Deck Log project. This may indicate that Deck Logs for ship's not shown [specifically Destroyers] may need to be 'by request.'

"The destroyers were not part of our original scanning plan, however we have almost completed scanning the logs on our original list. We will be continuing to scan (at least for the present), and will add this ship to our list. It will be at least a month before it would be made available online."

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