A Report on the Contamination of Aircraft Carriers
off the Coast of Vietnam

DIOXIN ON THE CARRIERS is a well-researched refutation of the statements by the Department of Veterans Affairs that there was no dioxin on board the aircraft carriers that served offshore Vietnam between 1962 and 1975. This paper presents clear indication that the deck crews, and most probably the entire crews, of the carriers were exposed to dioxin that flew in on the jets returning from missions over South Vietnam.

This information should be filed with initial claims for disabilities caused by exposure to dioxin-based herbicide in Vietnam by the crew of aircraft carriers. In the event a denial has already been received, this should be filed as new and material evidence to re-open the claim. Alternatively, because this information was withheld from you by the VA and not released to you by the Veteran's Claims Assistance Act (VCAA), it may constitute a Clear and Unmistakable Error(CUE). Speak with your Veterans Service Officer about this.

The possibility of Clear and Unmistakable Error is based on there being available government or industry documentation that clearly states that this mode of transport of particles is a common occurrence in the aviation industry. Aviation textbooks and Airman Training guides may well have contained this information.

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