Welcome to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association
Bulletin Board

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association (BWNVVA) Bulletin Board (BB) (or discussion board) is an electriconic BB that acts as a meeting place for members of BWNVVA. Non-members are also welcomed to use the board. You can find it HERE.

The BB is one of the services provided by BWNVVA, but registration on the BB does NOT constitute membership in the Association. That is a separate action. IN ORDER TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE BLUE wATER NAVY ASSOCIATION, YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP. (See Membership Information)

Steps for obtaining a BB account:

Review of board access applications relies heavily on checking the user name and the IP address of the user and/or the web link that you provide. If you have not heard back on a request for board access within 8 hours, please contact The Management Team .

The BWNVVA BB contains several subject areas, called Forums. This allows the user to be more specific in posting or reading information on the several subject areas.


PLEASE put your NAME in the Signature Block on the user profile page. You can put in other witty sayings, but PLEASE include at least your name.

Please submit your request for BB access HERE

We also invite you to join the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association. Information can be found here.

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