VA Granted An Extention In Filing Their Brief

Back on January 26, 2007, the Veterans Court of Appeals granted a STAY order so that the Department of Veterans Affairs could continue their previously illegal "non-processing hold" of all compensation claims that related to Blue Water Navy claims for Agent Orange illnesses. It also ordered that "...any additional pleadings and supporting documentation that the parties seek to file in this case be filed not later than 7 days after the date of this order."

That date has come and gone with the Court of Appeals, on February 7, ruling that the VA is now granted an extension of time, until February 21, 2007, to file their Federal Circuit Brief.

This grant of extension has the flavor of the court supporting the VA, as this now gives the VA two more weeks to put their arguments together in their effort to have the "Haas Ruling" overturned. All Blue Water Navy Agent Orange claims will remain "on hold" until the results of this next filing.

I've been asked countless times, "How long will this court process take?" Well, it's already starting to drag on .... but keep the faith, it's not over yet!

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