How Do I Find My Deck Logs?

Update for Sept 14, 2015

Here is how to get Deck Logs. BUT WAIT! First, think through these questions before going to all the trouble:

To Obtain Deck Logs:

Go to

Go to the last item NARA ON-LINE DECK LOGS. The link there opens an Excel Spreadsheet. Make sure the tab at the bottom is the one labeled COMPLETE LIST.

Find SHIPNAME on the list and click the month(s) you want. This will open the Public Portal at the NARA College Park. The first pages to show up will be IMAGE FILES. These are typically large and harder to work with.

Look below these pages for the PDF Symbol and click on that. When that set of pages opens, click the DOWNLOAD icon on the top-right of the page, or do whatever your system requires to down load that .pdf file.

Once the entire file (the full month of whichever ship/month/year you chose) is downloaded to your computer, you can review each page, and print whichever page(s) you need.

If your ship or the specific dates for your ship are not listed, then it has not yet been scanned to the Public Portal. At this point, I would suggest two actions: