New Guidelines for Contributions and Donations

We are Collecting Gold and Silver!

Starting immediately, the following items will be accepted as contributions by the corporation. It may not always be possible to assess the value of the submitted items for acknowledged donations. But if such an assessment can be made after the fact, a donation receipt will be sent to you when a specific value is determined.

Reclaiming precious metals is part of the "Green Environment" consciousness. The Blue Water Navy Association will take all items with elements of gold and silver for reclamation and recycling. The procedure for this is not economical on a small scale. But if we can collect large quantities of items containing these metals, we may be able to make those efforts worthwhile.

No, we are not interested in becoming a dumping ground for waste. We reserve the right to reject any contribution. We are only interested in the little shiny parts that are a very small part of what is found inside a computer or other electronic device. We are only interested in the small parts you can mail to us, so you may need to do a little bit of disassembling yourself at home. We want to eliminate the bulk and weight cost of mailing the important things to us.

Items you can contribute include:

Dig out all those computer parts that you stashed away because you didn't know how to recycle them or were reluctant to throw them away. We are your data-safe choice! We immediately destroy any electronic data your drives may contain. You can also send us that old, sometimes broken jewelry in the back of your drawer.

PO Box 1035
Littleton, CO 80160-1035

by any means that will deliver to a PO Box.

If you have a larger quantity you would like delivered, please contact us first at

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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