Reports on Guam Contamination

A Whistle-Blowing Report by Dr. Luis Szyfres, MD, MPH

Part 1 - Regarding the Extensive Contamination of Guam
Part 2 - An email from Dr. Luis Szyfres to Guamanian Senator Judith Won-Pat
Part 3 - Partial Report Summary and the ORDOT Landfill
Part 4 -A Focus on 26 EPA Superfund Landfills on Guam (with map)
[ Additional mention of Guam contaminationin the studies of Mark Purdey ]
Part 5 - The involvement of The University of Hawaii in Guam contamination
Part 6 - Link to On The US Militarization of Guam
Part 7 - High-resolution map showing the location of 100+ Toxic Chemical Dump sites on Guam
Part 8a - Additional information regarding the acknowledgment by the US Govt that enough Agent Orange was present in storage on Guam to warrant compensation to a veteran in a 2005 ruling.
Part 8b - A VA Compensation Award Letter to another airman for service-connected Agent Orange contamination on Guam granted March 27, 2007 [See the July 1 entry.]
Part 9 - A Warning Letter from Guam University to Dr. Szyfres
Part 10 - Things are heating up with Veteran seeks probe into Agent Orange use in Guam
Part 11 - September 19, 2007 Memo from Dr. Szyfres to University of Guam Dean Yudin
Part 12 - Note from Dr. Szyfres about Legal Aspects to the contamination issue
Part 13 - Dr. Szyfres on an upcoming book and a good-bye

6 Nov 07 - Guam Legislature, on Oct 18, passed Resolution #95 for inclusion under the "Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007" - 29th Guam Legislature

11 Nov 07 - Representative Bob Filner replies to a letter of concern regarding the exposure of personnel to Agent Orange on Guam

16 Nov 07 - Dr. Szyfres - To The American Veteran - Section 2 of 40

Dec 07 - Local battle heating up on Guam
Residents speak out on Agent Orange - Pacific Daily News
Agent Orange on Guam confirmed - Marianas Variety
Guam Legislature Votes OK for inclusion in the Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007 - Now all they have to do is convince the US Govt to include them
Guam Legislation is a Demand for Inclusion in the Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007

[20 Jan 08] - Dr. Szyfres addresses cancer rates on Guam

19 Jan 08 - Dr. Szyfres terminated from University of Guam

6 Mar 08 - Dr. Szyfres still with the University ... but under close watch.

11 May 08 - Agent Orange Guam off site web link

11 May 08 - Chapter 84 from Dr. Szyfres' upcoming book

28 July 08 - More Vietnam veterans confirm Agent Orange usage in Guam
- - - - - See Related Guam Legislative Resolution

11 Aug 08 - Guam Senators Pull All-Nighter Saturday - resolve to support Agent Orange Legislation

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