Chronological Listing of
Legal Activities in the Haas Ruling and Ribaudo Ruling

The deadline for NVLSP’s brief
to be filed at the Federal Circuit
on behalf of Mr. Haas is May 19, 2007.
After that, the VA will have an opportunity to file a reply brief.

April 16 Update
Court Grants VA’s Motion for Stay in Ribaudo

April 12 Update
Posted on the NVLSP Web Site
Direct link to the March 7 brief filed by the VA
in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Update posted March 19
Federal Circuit Court Grants VA Extension

March 14 UPDATE
on the general status of these two cases

March 8 UPDATE
Opposing Motion Filed

March 3 UPDATE
Request for extention currently pending

February 22 UPDATE
Another extension given to DVA by the court

February 8, 2007 UPDATE
VA has been granted an EXTENSION
for filing their brief in the courtroom battle
for Blue Water Navy to receive Presumptive Status
for Agent Orange illnesses.

January 26, 2007 UPDATE
VA IS GRANTED A STAY for all adjudication of claims
potentially affected by the Haas Ruling
Information on the Stay for the Ribaudo Ruling

January 10 UPDATE
and what it means

Nov 3, 2006 Update

Oct 12, 2006 Update

Additional Information on the Haas Ruling HERE

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