April & May Schedule of Hearings and Meetings

On April 5, House Resolution HR-299 will have a hearing by the House Veterans Affairs Committee to determine whether our Bill should move forward in the Legislative Process. This will be the first such hearing for the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Bill that has occurred in the House since the beginning of our efforts in 2007. This is a significant occurance.

On April 21, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association and its legal advisor John Wells will have a meeting with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. David Shulkin. This will be the first time we have been invited by the SECVA to present our case for consideration directly to the Secretary.

The oral arguments for the Blue Water Navy court case against the VA will be held on May 5 at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington.

Each of these events may be significant to the future of our efforts to return benefits to those Vietnam veterans who served offshore during the Vietnam War. Please stay tuned!

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