HR-969 Introduced in the House of Representatives

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act was introduced in the House by Rep. Chris Gibson (D-NY) along with the signatures of 131 strongly bipartisan original co-sponsors on February 13, 2015. This legislation will return the presumption of exposure to herbicide to Navy and Marine veterans who served in the off shore waters of Vietnam. HR-969 now replaces HR-543, which was the number used in the previous 113th Congress. The wording is the same, but the new designating number is HR-969.

A Senate Companion Bill is expected later in February.

HR-543 of the previous 113th Congress died in the House Veterans Affairs Committee, led by Congressman Jeff Miller (FL) with 258 co-sponsors. Only 218 co-sponsors represents 1/2 the voting member of the House. Miller would not release the Bill for a vote on the floor of the House.

Update August 23, 2016:
HR-969 is currently being held in Committee by Rep. Jeff Miller because he has stated he doesn't believe "the science" supports any Blue Water Navy exposure.

S-681 was introduced in the Senate by Senators Gillibrand and Danes. It is currently being held in Committee by Sen. Johnny Isakson because he doesn't believe the legislation can be paid for. It was estimated by CBO to cost $1.1 Billion over 10 years. It should actually cost less than $800 Million over that period. Nonetheless, we can't afford to care for our veterans!

When Congress returns from their recess in September, be will once again attempt to convince the House and Senate Veteran Affairs Committees that this legilsation needs to be completed by the end of this 114th Congressional Session!