PART I - Report of Contamination on Guam

Posted 22 January 2007

This very extensive report on the contamination of Guam, with details not before released, is the work of Dr. Luis Szyfres, MD, MPH. The Report was conducted at the University of Guam and is being published by Dr. Szyfres with strong opposition by the University of Guam -- not from any flaws in the report, but out of an intention of keep these facts from the public.

This information represents a matter of "whistle blowing" for which Dr. Szyfres has had the courage to come forward with. much of this information is new, and other parts are older bits woven into this new context.

Installment ONE of Contamination on GUAM

Report #1

Van Sanderson has been the key player in gathering this information. A big Thank You goes out to Van for sharing this information.

A chronological presentation of this new development

Van Sanderson's first email to Dr. Szyfres on December 19, 2006:

From: Ruben Sanderson
Date: 12/19/06 02:26:23
To: Luis Szyfres
Subject: Guam Contamination
My name is Van Sanderson and I have been researching the contamination to Guam for hundreds of veterans here in the states who are sick.(I think somewhere between 150 and 200 vets)
I read Mar-Vics piece and would like very much for you to send to me a copy of your study. Many veterans are having their cases held up for service connected illnesses. I believe there is plenty of info to support their cases for service connections. Many of these veterans and family members are sick with a host of diseases. Cancer, Heart Dis., Diabetes seem to be the most prevalent. Most are from the Viet Nam era. The older vets seem to be having problems with neurodegenerative disease, the ones from WWII. But one thing stands out and that is many vets are sick and looking for answers.
Please may I have a copy of what you have found.
Van Sanderson

From: "Luis Szyfres, MD, MPH"
To: "Ruben Sanderson"
Subject: Re: Guam Contamination




Training: Two Degrees (MD and MPH), Two Post Doctoral Fellowships, Three Accredited Medical Residency Training Programs. Experience: Twenty-six years (last sixteen years in managerial positions) in private, public, academic, and international organizations, including: The Johns Hopkins University/Medical Center and SPH (Baltimore, Maryland), BIMC and Mount Sinai Medical Center/City University of New York (Manhattan, NY), IT&E International Corporation (San Jose, CA), US Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS/OMH (Washington, DC), World Health Organization (WHO) specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), Washington, DC. Director, World Health Organization (WHO) / United Nations (UN), Strategic Center for Bioinformatics & Publications, for the United States & its territories AND A Professor, College of Natural & Applied Sciences. University of Guam (UOG) AND Medical Epidemiologist: NIH/NCI Funded-Partnership Program: Cancer Research Centers Universities of Hawaii and Guam. University of Guam. Mangilao, Guam.

Dear Mr. Sanderson:

The problem of the contamination of Guam with toxic chemicals is very complex due to the amount of chemicals, the dispersion factors (evaporation, rain, infiltration, winds, etc), the mechanisms of human exposure (inhalation, food, water, skin, etc), but most of all, because of the government's censorship/cover up. At this point, I have examined more than 2,000 documents, and obtained the evidence of the contamination of our food, water, plants, etc. Even though they blocked every attempt I made to study the frequency and distribution of the toxic chemicals in the human population, their presence in the brain of our people speaks for itself.

At the present, I have a preliminary report of about 150 pages, based in 516 documents. I have pending another 150 documents, before I start the editing of the final report. The reason for informing the media at this point, is because having already the evidence I mentioned, I felt that I couldn't wait several months to have the edited final version before informing the community, as these chemicals are high risk factor associated with many severe diseases.

All the best,


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