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A VA glossary site stating "The VA has recognized the following conditions as associated with but not necessarily caused by exposure to Agent Orange" This is important wording.

A listing of the Health Care Priority Levels as defined by the VA

The listing of Presumptive Illnesses recognized by the VA

Another layout of the listing of Presumptive Illnesses

21 July 07 - Order of the Silver Rose Listing of Presumptive Illnesses

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome listing

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Main Page

Morbidity and Mortality in US Navy Personnel

Cancer Mortality in Workers Exposed

Abnormal Heptic Function in Asymptomatic Workers

CDC - Veterans' Health Activities

Criteria for Determining Exposure Levels - 1979

A 30-year environmental toxicity life for Agent Orange - 2001

21 July 07 Diseases Associated with Exposure to Agent Orange - Cyber Sarge

1 May 08 - Beyond the Abstract - Human Exposure to Endocrine Disrupters and Semen Quality 1 May 08 - linking directly to TCDD exposure

Medical Tests and Studies

12 July 07 - Pointman II study indicates lower sperm count in Marine and Brownwater Navy Vietnam vets v. Army Vietnam vets

12 July 07 - 1988 blood studies show higher levels of TCDD in Vietnam Veterans

12 July 07 - Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans' Health? - A Staff Report Prepared for the Committee of Veterans' Affairs, 1994

7 Aug 07 - Dioxins in blood and semen of U.S. Veterans

6 June 08 - Agent Orange Exposure, Vietnam War Veterans and the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Veterans Registry

It is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Registry is HERE


Fleet Public Health - Asbestos and Potable Water - 1998

Fleet Public Health - Asbestos - 1997

Asbestos Killed His Navy Father

Pacific Health Bulletin, 1994 - Asbestos Silica

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awarness Center

Web Resource on Asbestos and Mesothelioma
Asbestos and the Navy
Veterans and Mesothelioma
Data on Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Web

Bone Cancer

16 May 08 - Myelodysplastic Syndromes & the Vietnam Era Veterans

Breast Cancer

31 July 07 - DDT and breast cancer in young women: New data on the significance of age at exposure. From Environmental Health News.


3 Aug 07 - Agent Orange Diabetic Victims - dealing only with Vietnam Veterans who suffer from Diabetes due to Agent Orange.

5 Aug 07 - Veterans with Diabetes International - information page

5 Feb 08 - Diabetes and Blindness Discussion Group

29 July 08 - Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem - (Friday, July 25, 2008 by: Mark Sircus Ac., OMD )

DNA Studies and Information

DNA damage to nuclear test vets prompts call for study of children - Massey University link

Immune System

7/29/07 - A study of immune system problems with Korean War veterans

Lead Poisoning

20 Years of Blood Lead Testing

NMSR Report - Shipboard Exposures to Airborne Lead

Risk Analysis of Shipboard Drinking Water - 2000


Occupational Medicine Clinical Update - 2002 - Canada

PCBs and Peripheral Neuropathy

National Academies Press - AO Update 2003-2003

National Institute of Neurological Disorders - Report

13 June 07 - Parkinson's Disease Assistance Information - Pro Bono veteran's assistance.


Here is information specific to symptomology OTHER THAN CANCERS which have been documented by various medical studies. These first set of web links were developed by Charles Wayne Kelley, author of the The Agents Orange, White, and Blue Book entitled Vietnam's Rain Agents (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

The PRESENTATION to the HOUSE COMMITTEE ON VETERANS AFFAIRS by Charles W. Kelley on December 6, 2005. Focuses on the issue of toxin-caused PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY.

Attachment 1 of Kelley's presentation which provides an excellent resource of "the various and wide variety of symptoms of this peripheral neuropathy debilitating disorder in nerve damages as well as the wide variety of severity of this toxic chemical caused nerve damage disorder."

Attachment 2 of Kelley's presentation which provides documentation of "the overwhelming medical and statistical evidence that categorically supports this chronic and debilitating disorder of peripheral neuropathy is associated to the dioxin TCDD and/or Service in Vietnam regardless of which toxic chemical or group of toxic chemicals was the causation. This evidence goes back to 1949, as well as present day epidemiological studies; including Office of Technology Assessment results commissioned by congress itself in 1989."

Navy Shipboard Vietnam Report discusses the NAVY Shipboard toxic swill contamination linked to the water.

Kelley's web site for the 2nd Battalion - 94th Artillery contains an additional wealth of well-researched information on toxin exposure in Vietnam. There are SEVERAL AREAS of that web site which you should review. Here is a list of JUST A FEW of the links to information that will be important in understanding the issues and filing for compensation:
Separate Updates
Regarding Applying for Benefits

5/18/06 - More on peripheral neuropathy and possible B12 involvement
5/18/06 - Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders
5/18/06 - Acute Pesticide-Related Illness
5/18/06 - Agent Orange and Parkinsonism
5/18/06 - Chronic Neurological Effects of Pesticides

7/9/06 - VA Rulings show bias on PN and other diseases

19 Jan 07 - Challenge by Charles Kelley on Toxic Chemical Associations to Disabling Chronic PERSISTENT PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY (Polyneuropathy) which presents supporting research data.
27/3/07 - Kelley's Periphal Neuropathy Challenge to our government officials.

8 July 07 - Dioxin is absolutely associated with neurological damage. This has been well established over many years with evidence from both environmental and occupational exposure studies. For a summary of many health studies regarding neurological damage (not the most up to date, but the quickest and easiest to find things in) see:

Scroll down to where you can download the entire document and go to page 46 (neurological evidence in humans). Lots of other info as well in that same document. Some describe peripheral neuropathy, and the others may be of interest as well. Keep in mind that the industry hacks were involved in the production of this CDC document, so the picture they paint (which is bad) is almost assuredly an underestimate of the damage.

Then take a look at the Peripheral Neuropathy elements that were ruled "no evidence to support" in this VA announcement in the Federal Register. (See pages 32401 - 32402 of Federal Register).

Prostate Cancer

6 June 08 - Agent Orange Exposure, Vietnam War Veterans and the Risk of Prostate Cancer

9 Aug 08 - Studies show Vietnam vets 2- to 4-times more likely to develop prostate cance

6 June 08 - Agent Orange Exposure, Vietnam War Veterans and the Risk of Prostate Cancer

16 May 08 - New Study Strengthens Association of Prostate Cancer with Exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam Veterans

7 Aug 07 - Agent Orange Raises Vietnam Vets' Risk of Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange have higher rates of prostate cancer recurrence

Center for Prostate Cancer Research fact sheet

Center for Prostate Cancer Research

Prostate Cancer Support Group Newsletter - Feb 2007 - refer to pages 12-13.

8 July 07 - Charles Kelley on Parkinson's and Parkinson-like Neurological Symptoms

7 Oct 07 - Parkenson's Disease information group - contact Steve Fiscus


Navy doctor blows whistle - and military career - Sarciodosis report

Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica and Autoimmune Disease - 1999

Pulminary Sarcoidosis and Other Lung Diseases in Navy Personnel - 2004

Crystalline Silica and Risk of Sarcoidosis

OSHA - Silica and Silicosis

Sarcoidosis Among US Navy Enlisted Men - 1965-1993


27 Apr 07 - PTSD Help Site at LLRPNet
15 Aug 06 - Link to commentary on the 2006 review of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)
9 May 07 - Executive Summary of the 2007 "PTSD Compensation and Military Service" Report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)
13 June 07 - PTSD Updates from
13 June 07 - PTSD and Chronic Pain

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