Say NO!! to the Peake Nomination

I believe there is NO POSSIBLE WAY, on God's green Earth, that anyone could possibly look at James Peake's background and not conclude that his nomination and possible appointment as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs is anything but pure, unadulterated corruption and cronyism at its very worst.

I don't know the man. I don't care to. All I need to do is to look at his personal and business relationships with Anthony Principi, and the company QTC Management, Inc. and I am absolutely certain that his appointment to a public office that deals with veteran health care is absolutely absurd and very probably illegal. It is at least one of the most blatantly unethical appointments that George Bush has attempted to date.

This man has served right along side one of the most questionable personalities to ever have held a cabinet post, Anthony Principi. The mere mention of that name sends many veterans' blood boiling and reminds us that dishonesty pays ... and pays BIG.

Let me relate a little history. One of the first personalities to begin the severe decline in veteran services by the Department of Veteran Affairs was Anthony Prinicipi. The VA budgets and operations fell apart on Principi's watch. Principi was Chairman of the Board of QTC, a medical services company, prior to his appointment as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

While holding that high government office, QTC was awarded billions of dollars worth of medical contracts by the Department of Veterans Affairs. That in itself should have sent up red flags so high that the man should have been strung up the day those agreements were signed.

After leaving the office of Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Principi returned to QTC as Chairman of the Board, to enjoy the business of living out some of the most lucrative government contracts for outsourced medical services in the history of this country. Once again, the man wasn't arrested and jailed for his actions. That was and still is an appalling miscarriage of justice. There was what is deemed to have been a thorough investigation of the actions of Principi and his end rewards by government agencies, but no wrongdoings were found. Funny there wasn't a third part investigation service involved.

Sitting on the Board of Directors of QTC is our new player in this game, James Peake. Sometimes I might dress funny, or miss a joke, but I honestly believe I'm not a stupid man. And if I am, I'm not blind. When I see a possible "should be" felon running a company that thrives on what in my humble opinion are blatantly illegal contracts with the US Government, and I see sitting next to him a man who is in a position to know the intricate details of the fleecing of public funds, I understandably conclude that this duo is complicit in these alleged crimes.

To have the sheer gall and absurd misconception of immunity from prosecution as to attempt to appoint a known associate with one of the possibly most scrupulous and scandalous of thieves of this new century, is blind idiocy, pure and simple. It makes one wonder if perhaps the personage or Office of the President is getting some kick-back for making these two gentlemen fat and rich at the expense of public funds. Actually, the payback is probably through the Party Committee connections.

This one is so easily spotted that George Bush needs to see his shrink. The American public needs to stand on their roof tops and shout "Enough is Enough!!"

But all this information will be hidden during the confirmation hearings, I'll wager. A search under 'QTC' on the web site will confirm all this information and provide additional eyebrow-raising information on the alleged corruption that has plagued the Department of Veterans Affairs while Principi was associated with it.

Web site listing the Board of Directors of QTC Management, Inc is at

Oh! Did I forget to mention that Ret. Army Lt. Gen. James Peake was the Army Surgeon General from 2000 to 2004 and DENIES HAVING ANY PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF CONDITIONS AT WALTER REED HOSPITAL? .... even though it was the one of the largest medical facility under his direct command? Now THAT'S the kind of person I want to be running the VA, don'tcha think? -- Come on, folks! Get a grip....

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