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This information is presented only to provide access to one of many ways to view and understand information on the American War in Vietnam. We neither support nor disagree with any particular viewpoint and this information is given without supporting or condemning any thoughts or ideas that might be found below. This is offered merely as one method of engaging individuals in discussion for the sake of broadening their understanding. We are aware that as polarized as this country is now, the 'right' is almost obligated to condem the documentary and the 'left' is obligated to support it. Nevertheless, open discourse can be a means of exchanging viewpoints in a civil discussion. We suggest that all current "labels' be temporarily dropped. No matter how much information is thrown on the table, we will probably never know all the facts of what happened in Vietnam and why. Please take this as an exercise in sharing viewpoints that can lead to constructive national discourse. The goal of that discourse should be the development of healthy and honest exchanges that result in mutual respect free from dogmatic statements and refusal to "see the other side" of the issues. Only then will we be able to heal the wounds left by our war in Vietnam.

In anticipation of the Burns/PBS series on the Vietnam War, please disseminate this message and the below video file as widely and quickly as possible. It contains a 30-second teaser pointing the viewer to two active URL's containing short (about ten minute) commentaries and a URL where there will be commentary posted as the series is viewed. The URL's in the video are posted on the screen as www.vvfh.org/Burns1.htm and www.vvfh.org/Burns2.htm and www.vvfh.org/Burns3.htm

This video is from the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website

Public comments might best be tweeted using #VietnamWarPBS

Also, most local PBS stations will host a Town Hall or Panel discussion after this series is shown, to allow for local feedback.
If you are interested, you might want to call them for an invitation to whatever they are doing.

Thank you for your assistance in getting this important information out.

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