Membership Cards

We just mailed out MEMBERSHIP CARDS to everyone that has turned in an application either the old way (as hard-copy mail-in) or using the on-line Membership Application form. If you did not get a membership card, or you got one with errors on it, please review the following list to help determine a reason and a solution. If there was an error, I did it; but Ray Melninkaitis can get it fixed up for you.

If you did not receive a Membership Card, you are not in our database.

You might THINK you are, but for whatever reason, you are not. There are at least a dozen guys I've been talking to since 2008 or 2009 who have never filled out or turned in a form, and it's going to surprise them that they are not in the database. Are they still members? Well, sure, and I'm happy to help anyone who reaches out with some need. But that's different than being "officially registered" as a "card carrying" Member.

I might know your name and/or your phone number and/or your email address, etc., but if we don't have a full application on file in the database, there is no way to get a card to you. Some of the members who have been with us since the very beginning (2007 - 2009) may not have received a card because the conversion of the old data into the new database system (starting with the on-line form) was not a very pretty thing and I made a lot of errors. If you did not get a card for that reason, please go on-line to submit an application using the on-line form.

If you received a Card and it was forwarded to you from a previous address, then we do not have your current address. Contact Ray to get this information updated.

If you received a Card, but it did not have the correct name on it, or you received a letter to your address with someone elses name on it, or any permutation of that sort, then we had a breakdown in our data conversion. Contact Ray to get this straightened out.

If you received a Card, but your name was misspelled, or the name of your street was misspelled, contact Ray to get this straightened out.

If you received a Membership Card, but you have never received one of our newsletters, then either we do not have the correct email address for you, OR our occasional email Newsletter is getting hung up in your Spam Folder. Please contact Ray to see if we can help you get this straightened out.

Otherwise, you probably got your Membership Card and everything is hunky-dory. We hope this is something you will cherish. We thank you for your investment of time and interest in the things we are trying to get done for the Blue Water Navy veterans. These Cards give you Lifetime Membership. But please don't forget that we can only continue to operate based on the donations we receive from you. We suggest an annual donation of $10 at the least, and whatever else you can afford, whenever you can manage it. We are all non-paid, volunteer workers. We continue to educate Congress and the American Public about our plight at our every opportunity. We still have a federal lawsuit against the VA. If you have not sent any donation in or it has been a while, please consider making a donation today. It is deductible from your federal income taxes for whatever year we receive it. Our preferred method is via PayPal on-line, but cash or check can be mailed to PO Box 1035, Littleton, CO, 80160-1035.

We hope this is a nice Christmas present for you, as we close out the year 2016. The 114th Congress has made its way home without solving our problems once again. But rest assured we will do our damnedest to get things taken care of in the coming 115th Congress. I hope a few of us are alive to reap the benefits of that.

Be well and stay safe,

John Rossie

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