Become a Member of the
Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

Application for Membership

For the Application procedure, please complete this APPLICATION FORM that can be filled out and submitted right now on-line.

Who can join?

Association Membership is available to anyone honorably discharged from US Military Service. Members must be in possession of a DD-214 as verification. You will NOT have to submit your DD-214 at this time, but it must be on hand in the event the Association is audited by a government agency.

As Associate Membership is available to individuals who do not possess a DD-214 and at this time they have all rights afforded to full members. The lower portion of the application has a box that must be checked by any spouse, relative or friend of a veteran who wishes to join.

Non-mandatory Dues

Dues for Membership and Associate Membership are a non-mandatory $10/year. If you are able to pay the annual dues, please do so. If you cannot afford the Membership fee, you are not obliged to pay. The dues are currently booked as donation revenue.
Pay Dues Here

Pay Dues Here

Or mail cash, check, or money order to:
Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association
PO Box 1035
Littleton, CO 80160-1035

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