The Tripartite Technical Cooperation Program - TTCP

These documents provide information on the formation and activities of an alliance involving the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia, allowing them to use their own and each others' military personnel in testing weapons of war without the knowledge of the subject military personnel. These documents may not be in chronological order. This is evidence of the use of Biological and Chemical tests and actual uses in violation of the 1922 Treaty and the 1993 Convention.

23 July 07 - More information on the Tripartite Technical Cooperation Program - TTCP, including:

1 July 07 - The web site for TTCP is

1 July 07 - Fifty Years of Silence: Agent Orange in Canada - an introductory article by Kelly Franklin Porter of the Agent Orange Association of Canada

1 July 07 - Overview of the Army's Chemical and Biological Material Program (U) - 1973

1 July 07 - Summary of Major Events and Problems - U.S. Army Chemical Corps - 1957

1 July 07 - Canadian Mustard Gas Test on Military Personnel - 1963

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