New Discussion Board Site

The Blue Water Navy Group has just found a new home. We will start using a new software package independent of Yahoo! and with many more features.

The new discussion board is located at

Those of you who use boards such as will know this one and already know about the multitude of features, such as having multiple "threads" and meeting rooms. We're going to approach this slowly..... for those of you that are technologically savvy, you'll want to start running while some of the others may still be walking or even crawling. Please have patience. But as your mind races through all the things you want to see happen, jot them down and submit them as ideas to consider. We will try not let the technology be a stumbling block for doing this change-over.

We will be running both boards so that you can get over to the new one, get set up and begin testing it. Create a log-in, (it can probably be identical to what you're using on Yahoo!) fill out your profile as you see fit, and start doing TEST MESSAGES. Please don't start yet with any discussion of blue water navy issues on the new board. Please keep all our current system running just the way it is.... with the added feature that you can go to the new site and start kicking the tires.

At this point, we're not sure when to set a "''cut-over" date. At some point in time, the sooner the better, we will erase all the test messages, and move the discussion to the new board. There are bound to be some awkward situations, and change is always a double-edged sword. But we're convinced it will be well worth the sacrifice. When we do the "cut-over" we "may" leave the old board up so you can refer to topics that appear there... but that will be a very short period of time, such as no more than 2 days.

Tony will be our technology guru and will have access to fiddle with all the features of the board..... as will I. Jeff and Linda Herrin will be given Moderator status. We will want to start off with the same rules as with the current board.... let's keep the topic focused on Blue Water Navy issues. I'm sure there will be some "how does this work" questions, too. We may set up a training room, or something of the sort. This board has the capability of having separate threads for some of those currently "off topic" items like general veteran and veteran advocacy issues. But we're going to try to get everybody up to speed on using the new board before we do any of that. Please have patience. We've got the potential of becoming a major discussion board for veterans and we have a few ideas of our own in that regard.

The TEST MESSAGE period is a great time to play with the board, and ask question about getting things to work right, etc. We'll worry about how we continue the "Beginning User Question" stuff when the time comes. I haven't used either of these yet... but I've found 2 tutorials for this board, at Let's try to make this go smoothly. Step one is getting familiar and comfortable with the new (for some of us) technology. Step two will be all the great new things we can do... but we're still on step one, so start making yourselves a list of all those great ideas.

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