Posting a comment to the VA's Federal Register Announcement

1. Copy the following letters and numbers to your computers clipboard memory (highlight it and copy it)

2. Go to this link:

3. The far right tab is MORE SEARCH OPTIONS. At the bottom of the short list (2 items) is Advanced Document Search - click on that link

4. The Advanced Search window opens. On the 2nd line titled DOCUMENT ID, paste what you just copied (or enter it by keyboard if you cannot copy and paste. Click on SUBMIT.

5. A DOCUMENT SEARCH RESULTS window will pop up. At the far left, under DOCKET ID, you should find the string you just copied and pasted: VA-2008-VBA-0014. This should be the top line, and will have this document title in the center column: "AM74 - Proposed Rule - Definition of Service in the Republic of Vietnam. " If this is not on the first line, check on the lines below it to find it.

6. At the far right is a column titled Comments: Add/Due By: There is a yellow "comment balloon" symbol directly below this for the line you have found in Step 5.

7. Click on the yellow "comment balloon" and the Public Comment and Submission Form will appear.

8. Enter your identification information in the upper section. Enter your comments in the box in the lower section. You may also attach a file.

9. Warning and Advice: We advise against typing directly on-line. Prepare your comments before hand, and have them saved in a TEXT document. Most word processers will allow you to choose this file type from a drop-down menu. The original comments will then remain on your computer. If something goes wrong with the posting of your comments, you will always have an original to copy and paste from. You will also have a record of exactly what you posted.

10. At the bottom of that page, click the button Next Step to complete the posting process and to receive the ID of your posted comment.

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