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Background of Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

Who Are We? - Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

Project Original Signer

This project is to contact all of the original signers of the 1991 Agent Orange Act who are still active in the House or Senate, and to let them know that the VA has changed what they originally signed into law. We invite them to stand in support of HR-6562 which will actually be putting pack the benefits we believe they originally intended.

There is a template letter you can use. It is in RTF format.

Mailing label layout for Representatives, which will run on Avery 5160 sheets in RTF format.
Mailing label layout for Representatives, which will run on Avery 5160 sheets in MS WORD format.

Mailing label layout for Senators, which will run on Avery 5160 sheets in MS WORD
Mailing label layout for Senators, which will run on Avery 5160 sheets in RFT format

Please use these tools to let the Original Signers know that HR-6562 is a bill that they can support because it is a bill that they have supported before.

Here is a template for a letter to send to your Senator

An overall contact list of the 110th Congress of Representatives and Senators.

Campaign Letter One.
Here is a template and some instructions for our first mass letter writing campaign to our Legislators.

Here is a brief write-up that can be sent to local papers (or anywhere) as Letter to the Editor.
Word Count is about 360. Add your own name. This was developed by Wilson Mcduffie.

When is a veteran not a veteran?

Open Invitation - Flyer for General Information about our Web Site and our Discussion Board
An announcement inviting everyone to come visit our web site and discussion group. Download the .pdf file HERE

The Blue Water Navy drafted The Agent Orange Fair Compensation Act and have been submitting this almost daily to members of the House and Senate, especially those who sit on the Veteran Affairs Committees. You can download a copy of it HERE

If your organization is interested in passing a resolution in support of Congressional Legislation to eliminate the boots-on-the-ground requirements related to AO presemptive exposure, here is a template of what that Resolution might look like. Please feel free to use this template and adjust it to fit your organization's needs.

This is a short summary of the history of the issues faced by the Blue Water Navy.

[If a longer and more detailed Chronological summary is required, please see ]

"In Honor Of..." is a factsheet that pleads for intervention in the injustice facing the Blue Water Navy.

form letter to your Congressmen regarding "Taking Care Of Business Here At Home" before worrying about Vietnamese problems.

General Information and Instructions

Here you will find official News Releases, news and information for public consumption, template letters and other items that let the world know the the problems of the Blue Water Navy are, and the activities and ideas of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association. Most of these documents are in PDF format, so their presentation and consistency of appearance will endure the multitiude of downloads they get.

Matching the "Official Logo" Font
You may want to down load the Black Chancery Font for exact reproduction of the Blue Water Navy Letterhead font. You can get it free at these locations:

Zipped Files
Most of these downloads of Black Chancery Font will come to you as zipped files. Zipped files have undergone a coding that compresses them, making them smaller bundles to move around. But when you want to install or use them, they have to be UNzipped so they expand to their original, usable size and become executable programs.

The most popular Zip/Unzip program seems to be WinZip. It has wonderful and numerous features, but it is not freeware or shareware. You can find it HERE

A much less expensive program, but one that only UNzips, is the very easy-to-use Unzip Wizard. You can use this for a trial period and it has an attractive price. But it doesn't ZIP things. You can find it HERE

EasyZip is free at

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Zip and Unzip Utilities are free at HERE

We make no recommendation on which software to use or that these products actually work. We are just listing some alternative that you can look into for a Zip and/or UnZip program.

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