More contaminants for Guam

Mr. Mark Purdey was an unrelenting international leader in the field of environmental science. In his article "Bequerels on the Brain," Mark uncovers evidence of a direct link between military contaminants and abnormal health conditions of the native Chamorro people of the region. He deals with US Naval dumping and burning of it's munitions and other contaminants that poisoned the island paradises in that part of the South Pacific.

Cocos Island and Lagoon are at the extreme southern portion of Guam. Cocos Island is about 2 miles from Guam across Cocos Lagoon and is where the US Navy is reported to have secretly experimented on military personnel.

Santa Rita is where the United States naval base stored nuclear, chemical and biological weapons back in the 1960s and easlier. Fena Lake is the Navy's water supply, even for the ships that ported on Guam.

His article "Bequerels on the Brain" discusses the environmental damages which plague the region and their affect on the bio-systems that live in and pass through that region.

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