The Blue Water Navy Association, the Quilt of Tears, and the "In Memory" Ceremony

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association (BWNVVA) will be represented by Carol Olszanecki at the Vietnam War "In Memory" Memorial Plaque Ceremony in Washington, DC on April 20, which will take place at The Wall. Carol is a Special Projects Coordinator for BWNVVA.

The "In Memory" Memorial Plaque Project is in honor of all veterans of the Vietnam War who suffer premature deaths related to their war time service, due to Agent Orange induced illnesses, post- traumatic stress disorder, and a growing register of other causes. The Plaque is a privately funded ground-level plaque on the Memorial grounds, bearing no names, but designed and worded to acknowledge and commemorate these postwar casualties. Details of this project can be found at .

Carol will have with her a quilt to be presented to the Quilt of Tears Project following the "In Memory" program. She has made a quilt piece for her late husband John, who died of Agent Orange complications, and other members of the BWNVVA have made additional quilt pieces in honor of veterans who are either suffering from or passed on from the effects of Agent Orange exposure which will be included with this. Information on The Quilt of Tears and how to create a quilt block can be found at .

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