State of Emergency!

I am declaring a Blue Water Navy State of Emergency!

If we do not start doing something different right now, our Legislation is going to fade away and die in Committee like it has for the past 10 years. I propose that we all DO SOMETHING to change this immediately. And what that will require is NEWS MEDIA ATTENTION AND COVERAGE! Along those lines, I would like to begin the following projects:

  1. The Public Distribution of our Poster (download at BWNPOSTER ) that you can download and print as many copies as possible. They can be put up on bulletin boards and other spots in public buildings, high traffic areas of the public, both indoors and outdoors, and handed out to the public and SENT to your LOCAL TV STATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS. Please distribute generously and copiously, and get PERMISSION to post when required.
  2. Sample letters to the editor and to TV News Anchors about our problems can be downloaded HERE and HERE
  3. Get news coverage of local individuals involved in distributing these posters or doing other activities that help get the word out about the Blue Water Navy problems to the general public.

Additional information and ideas may be posted soon. Please keep checking back!

-John Rossie, Executive Director

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