What is a TELEbration?
A TELEbration is an electronically telecast event of celebration. It is a celebration held over a long distance, involving multiple locations, using a telecommunication system.

Who and what are we celebrating?
We wish to declare and display our pride in a group of individuals who were willing to offer their lives at the call of our country. This group is comprised of members of all branches of the military who were contaminated by Agent Orange while serving in uniform. For this dedication to our country, we are forever grateful and proud. It is with this sense of celebration that we now salute these individuals, along with their families and loved ones.

When is this TELEbration?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
An Internet Broadcast
on Star Dust Radio
from 5:30 to 6:30PM (Central Time)

Why have a TELEbration?
By using a telecommunication system like Internet broadcast, we are able to “reach out” to many people to share in the event. By doing so, we can share this event with the surviving veterans or the widows of those who have already made that ultimate sacrifice.

Is this a joyful occasion?
It is an occasion that should bring pride to the individuals and their families as well as to every citizen of this country.

This experience is brought to you as a joint effort of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association and the Order of the Silver Rose.