20 May 08 - Potable water contamination aboard on US Ships

20 May 08 - 1962 Navy Manual of Preventative Medicine - Water Supply Afloat

20 May 08 - A navy manual on water treatment

2 Sept 07 - Australian Navy - March 22, '06 News Article on Shipboard cancers from Drinking Water

5 July 07 - Expert Witness Statement - Dioxin in the Ship's Water System
Of the 100% of the estuarine water taken into the evaporative process only approximately 15 to 20% of this was carried over and condensed into potable water. During laboratory experiments, this distilled water was shown to have accumulated between 60 and 80% of the dioxins from the raw water, and the longer the distillation process was carried out the more highly contaminated the made water in the tanks became.

Fleet Public Health 1998 - Potable Water

Navy Epidemiology Board - 26 Jun 98

Piping With Non-Toxic Epoxy Linings

Risk Analysis of Shipboard Drinking Water - August 2000

Navy Water Treatment

Army - Air Force Water Treatment Training Manual - 1985

Technical Manual - Water Desalination - 1986

Water Purifier Illustration

Australian / US ship-type water purifier photo

Fire Controlman - Distilling Plants Illustration

EPA Drinking Water Fact Sheet

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